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March 11, 2008



I am not sure I like the idea of melding government and nonprofits further. I feel like the government, although they would be helpful in setting up a new structure for the sector, comes with a lot of red tape and bureaucracy. A lot of red tape the nonprofit sector doesn't need. I am thinking pushing for reform within the sector is best. There has to be a way to find a balance between funders and nonprofits and for-profits without government intervention.

Jane Arsenault

Thank you for your comment. I am not excited either by allowing government to undertake this reform. This is why I believe that government should entrust this process to a group of citizens whose primary concern is those served by the sector. When working with nonprofits, I have consistently encouraged systems participation and systems thinking (see our article on this topic on our website) but the sector can only do so much on its own. It is powerless to stop government from using its resources to shape what the sector does and that is the primary source of the proliferation of nonprofits.

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