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July 22, 2008


Ashley Schweitzer

I think this is great, lots of useful ideas. I forgot to tag you in my second follow up response, so here is the continuation of my thought: _listening_ to concerns & IDing self-interest in the changes is vital. So inclusion & communcation are necessary to make it work.

I've been thinking a lot about change recently and how to initiate the conversation and frame it up in a way that facilitates buy-in. I keep coming back to the importance of listening to different perspectives and trying to meet folks where they are (and what they would get out of this change). For me, I guess the ultimate question becomes, how can I listen more effectively?

Ashley (@missashe)


Ashley --
Great comment! Listening is an incredibly important aspect of successfully implementing change - and you hit the nail on the head with "trying to meet folks where they are". I believe that organizational change is in fact, supporting a group of individuals through their own individual change processes - which will be different for each individual based on the amount of change they will be experiencing. Some days everyone will be OK with the change - and the next day it is a horrible idea...you do need to take people where they are.

As you consider the benefits of the change, also consider what people are losing...that may actually be more of a clue as to how to support them through the change process. You may have need to just acknowledge that with the impending changes -- some things are ending and that is difficult. Through acknowledgment, you may find people are able to move through the early difficult stages of accepting change.

Thanks for commenting!

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