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August 12, 2008


Jean Butzen

I think this is a great commentary and I completely agree with your assessment on where government is heading in terms of housing and human services policy and funding. As the president of a supportive housing agency for almost 20 years, I understood that it was networks of housing and service providers who increasingly were meeting the needs of our poorest, most disabled citizens. But even the separate nonprofits in the networks could accomplish more together than by themselves. That's why I decided that our nonprofit did not have to go it alone and that we should identify a merger partner for our agency. That was in 2005, and so far it's been a good decision for our nonprofit and for the people we served. I believe so much in this strategy that I made the decision to become a consultant specializing in nonprofit mergers and partnerships, helping leaders find ways to work together for the good of those they serve.
-Jean Butzen, Mission Plus Strategy Consulting, Chicago, Illinois

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