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November 09, 2009


Jana Wiggins

Well presented! These are important factors for all businesses to keep in mind. Learning about available technology tools and business process re-engineering can also play an excellent role in helping alleviate heavy workloads carried by those that remain in the decreased workforce. The right tools used in conjunction with an efficient process will make the employee's job easier; helping improve moral and diminishing the “paralyzed bunker mentality”!

More and more businesses, including nonprofits are moving toward Software as a Service applications/tools to reduce costs by automating tasks and streamlining people, paper and time-intensive business processes. These low-cost, monthly subscription-based services can solve challenges such as reviewing contracts among teams, distributing board information securely, etc. And the SaaS vendor provides continual uptime support. Now is the perfect time to leverage innovative technology to make your job easier and reduce the cost of operating a not-for profit!

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